Vintage inspired home decor

There’s something charming about vintage goods.  Backstories are usually a mystery and when they’re gently used you can’t help but wonder what attributed to their distressed aesthetic yet sturdy character all at the same time!  What a wonder. When you find a piece of furniture or home decor that’s been used before and suits your world, there’s a level of TLC you just want to put into it to maintain its integrity and that in and of itself is a gratifying part in the decor assembly process of YOUR space.

I’m really big on vintage shopping especially when it comes to making my home mine.  I’ve moved 4 times in 6 years, and for the first time, I feel like I finally created a space that’s a reflection of me.  In an Instagram world, it’s very easy to get caught up in what’s trendy, but when it comes to one’s home, I strongly believe that it’s important to create a space that brings YOU joy, that embodies who YOU are, and encourages YOU to simply be there.  After all, it’s yours.

It can be a challenge to decorate and furnish a small space in the city but it’s far from impossible.  You just have to tap into that imagination, become friends with your measuring tape, and spend time researching because there are a lot of hidden gems out there! You just have to be patient and search search search.

I’m an old soul so I’ve always naturally gravitated towards a vintage vibe but I understand it’s not for everyone. If you’re still reading, then I assume it is yours.  Yes, girl! Below is a list of the best antique shops and furniture brands I’ve shopped at in the GTA for those vintage-inspired looks! I’m a big fan of mixing old and new. Vintage is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint by reusing what’s already out there, and I believe there are certain things that we shouldn’t cheap out on like a good couch for those cosy winter nights and Sunday hangovers.  A girl has to plan accordingly.


Facebook Marketplace – Likely the most convenient website to find anything your vintage heart desires.  I’ve made many purchases off Facebook Marketplace in 2020 and I’ve seen first hand how careful everyone is with cleanliness and safety.  Always wear a mask and gloves when you meet the seller and don’t go alone if you don’t have to.  I found a mid century media unit from the 1956 for $100 and distressed wooden coffee table for $50! Talk about savings and aggressive celebratory shimmies!

Vintage furniture on Facebook Marketplace

Southworks Antiques – This is an antique wonderland in Cambridge, Ontario! Over 100 dealers with goods sprawled across 35,000 square ft. You’ll find hidden treasures from just about every decade.  I found a beautiful bambo chest for $200 for my record player and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be something I force every generation in my family to pass down.

Vintage furniture from Southworks Antiques

St. Jacob’s Antique Market – Over 100 vendors in 22,000 square ft. of pure vintage gold!  Furniture, decor, records, knick knacks – you will likely find what you’re looking for and a few other things you didn’t plan on.  This market feels more like a land of throwback opportunities with really interesting pieces you won’t find anywhere else.  I found a gold teapot, cups, and a wicker picnic basket for under $100!

Miller Island – This store is located in downtown Creemore, Ontario, with a great selection on Instagram. When I first walked into the store I felt like I had entered the home of a cool Real Housewife if Real Housewives existed in the 80s.  From lamps to dining sets, kitchen sets to paintings, Miller Island has a great curated collection of pastel pieces that’ll take you right back to the late 70s through to the early 90s.  I found myself a lush vine plant in a ceramic pot and brass desk lamp that totalled $45!

Prudehomes Antique Market – Located off the QEW en route to Niagara Falls is a sprawling piece of land with 3 buildings worth of antiques and tons of vendors set up outside.  The sellers are so friendly! Most of the goods I came across here were definitely older. If you’re into knick-knacks, this is likely the spot to go. I found two teak wood bedside tables for $60 and candle holders for $10, so the prices are definitely freak worthy as well.

Prudhommes Antique Market


Article – If you’re looking for vintage style furniture with a chic mid century vibe, check out Article.  I had always been in love with their catalogue but didn’t want to splurge but after A LOT of research, I found myself circling back to Article.  If you compare price points with other popular furniture brands, you’ll find that the difference is quite small.  I’m so freaking happy with The Sven sofa.  It’s a timeless look, incredibly comfortable and well made.  I know it’ll last for many more years and moves to come.

The Sven Sofa from Article

Etsy – Etsy is such a great way to support small business owners and more importantly, your local ones! It’s a great destination for prints which is where I found two female silhouettes that remind me of my personality every day.  You can purchase print downloads for under $10 and have them blown up at a local art shop! Spread that small business love around!

Home Depot – Not just a store for your home fixing needs but Home Depot is a fantastic spot for home furnishings!  I was so surprised when I looked through their website this year.  From an incredible catalogue of wallpaper to vintage-style lighting, Home Depot has a huge selection of throwback styles to choose from.  I just received a floor lamp that reminds me of something I’d see next to cobblestoned sidewalks in Old Montreal, and I’m currently waiting on peel and stick wallpaper for my dining room! Can’t wait for that.

Vintage style at Home Sense and Home Depot

Home sense – How can you beat the price point at Home Sense? I don’t have the answer to this.  Home Sense will never steer you wrong if you’re looking for random one-off things that might not necessarily need pairings like candles, throws, rugs and pillows. The wicker chair as soon in the photo above, is one of my favourite finds from Home Sense too!

H&M Home – Better than H&M clothing in my humble opinion.  Seriously, H&M Home is so tasteful in their collections.  I am a big fan of their pillow covers.  If you’re someone who likes to make small changes in your space to reflect each season, pillow covers are a great place to start without breaking the bank.  H&M has an array of vintage-inspired prints and other knick-knacks to match.

Have fun and don’t forget to sage anything used that you bring into your home.  Let’s keep that energy clean and positive. 🙂

B. Tru xx





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