5 Ways To Enhance Productivity With Asus ZenBook 14′ Laptop from Best Buy

Asus ZenBook 14' Laptop

I can’t sit here and falsely claim that 2020 has been THE YEAR of productivity over here because well, for many of us, it’s been tough to maintain that good ol’ motivation. Not too long ago, I started some home office window shopping to get the creative juices flowing and imagination going.  I visited BestBuy.ca for obvious reasons; known for its wide selection of products that enhance productivity and creativity, I found myself in the laptop section on the site.  I noticed the crazy, sexy, cool-looking Asus ZenBook 14′ Laptop and my attention was immediately drawn to the buzzword ‘Zen’ and it’s super compact looking design.  Hey, when you know what freaks your freak, you know!

In my humble opinion, it’s more important than ever as an entrepreneur to equip oneself with tips, tricks and tools to keep that faith alive. I was super interested in what the ZenBook has to offer especially because every site touted it as one of the best in performance! Best Buy and I connected and agreed on a partnership that would allow me to take this Zen baby for a test run.  Listen, I’ve tried my fair share of new gadgets on the market that claims to improve productivity while making things seamless and efficient for the user. Some of the products have lived up to the claim while others, well, not so much. But, from the minute I powered up the ZenBook and saw the screen light up, I was in for a real treat.  Seriously. The colours were so vivid, I was immediately engaged with what I was about to work with and on.

I’ve spent some time getting to know this incredibly sleek, royal blue powerhouse with 8GB of RAM, and I can confidently say that it is one of the most innovative and user-friendly pieces of tech I’ve had the chance to use in the past couple years.  It has become an ideal addition to my work from home life and I strongly believe the following key features are ones that my fellow creatives and self-starters might be able to benefit from as well.

Asus ZenBook 14' Laptop


I’m going to kick things off with my favourite feature – the brad new ScreenPad 2.0 that serves as an interactive secondary touchscreen.  It allows for a really seamless workflow which is KEY!  It has a multitasking interface similar to that we see on our smartphones, but in my opinion, it’s slightly better and more intuitive.  You can literally launch an app on the ScreenPad without interrupting what you’re doing on the main display.  Multitasking can never be misconstrued as “spreading yourself too thin” when you can do it productively with a function like this.


We live in a time where we naturally expect the best performance out of our tools because well, we all have a lot on the go and expect speed and accuracy on a dime.  The ZenBook has yet to fail me in my on-the-go computing ways. When I say on-the-go I mean my computer use in coffee shops, my balcony, parents backyard, and even in the car.  As a creative, ideas can come at any minute and you want to have a computer that allows you to execute before you hit a wall.  This laptop features many high-performance components like the latest Intel® Core processors and discrete NVIDIA®graphics that not only boosts performance but won’t keep you waiting.


If you’ve ever found yourself working when the sun sets (indoors and outdoors) the backlit keyboard feature will come in handy.  I was aware that the laptop carried this feature but didn’t realize its magic until I experienced it in my dimly lit office the other night.  As you see in the picture below, ergonomics allows the right level of lighting to come through.  The laptop also gives the user a number of ‘hotkeys’ to capture screengrabs and conduct other go-to tasks with a simple tap!

Asus ZenBook 14' Laptop Backlit Key Board

Photo Credit, Asus


If someone could offer me a slice of pizza for every time I used the word “efficient” in this blog post, I’d be the happiest human.  Efficiency really is the name of the ZenBook game and the digital assistants it offers is a big part of that, along with an advanced infrared camera that allows for speedy face login with Windows Hello.  The ZenBook also features Alexa6 and Cortana; virtual assists you can call upon any time to help with up to the minute tasks.

To be completely honest, I used to poo poo on hands-free computing.  My contribution to any related conversation was “how lazy do we have to be to survive in this world?!” It turns out, laziness has nothing to do with loving hands free features.  When you find yourself managing many hats in one day (as many of us are required to do), a digital assistant can really go a long way with your mental health.


I don’t know about you but if I can have a piece of daily tech that looks good *and* works well, I always feel like I’ve invested my money in the right place.  I had mentioned at the top of this post that the design of this laptop is sleek and sexy but its additional features like the ergo lift hinge take comfort to a level you never thought you needed or wanted.  The hinge is designed to automatically tilt the keyboard in a typing position that best suits the user.  Forget about those bulky keyboard stands; the personalized tilt is so subtle you’d be hard-pressed to notice it’s even there. The tilt is also meant to improve cooling and elevate audio performance without that pesky distortion that can happen when you boost your favourite podcast as you crunch away.


These are the five features that stand out in my day to day use but I really can’t say enough about the laptop as a whole.  All-day battery power, fantastic sound, clear crisp colours, and more.  At an amazing sale price of $999 at Best Buy, this isn’t just an investment in a new laptop but an investment in the expansion of my media businesses and most certainly, an investment in myself to make more time for a well-balanced life.

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B.TRU xx


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