Weed strains for beginners with 48 North

Weed strains for beginners with 48 North.

My relationship with cannabis goes back to the ripe old age of 16. I hesitated to reveal that fact in the event my parents were to come across this post but I think it’s safe to say kids should get a pass for doing stupid things, so mom, please don’t hold this admittance against me.

I can remember “my first time” vividly.  I was a 12th grader hanging out on a warm summer night with friends and their extended circles.  We we were putting around in a park behind my friend’s house with Iced Cappuccinos from Tim Horton’s feeling like the adults were were destined to be.  A joint was passed around and when it got into my friend’s hand, she asked if I wanted a “super,” which happens when one person holds the joint backwards between their lips and blows the smoke directly into another person’s mouth.  What’s the point, you ask? I really don’t know.  Logistically, it doesn’t make sense now that I think of it.  It was barely an experience.

Fast forward to university where I started experiencing debilitating panic attacks and subsequent problems with insomnia; both issues prompting me to look into solutions; in walks cannabis.  I consulted with my doctor for a medical card and here we are a decade later.  I’m not a doctor or a cannabis professional, so I can’t say that weed will help your anxiety and insomnia as much as it has mine but with several reports claiming the increase of marijuana consumption in Canada during the global pandemic, I reached out to 48North to help me break down the basics of marijuana strains for the readers who are new to the weed world.

  1. What do different strains mean and how do they affect us differently?

Strains classifications for different types of cannabis plants. The main differences are how the plant expresses itself and grows including the cannabinoids (ie well known THC and CBD) and terpenes, which are the flavour molecules.

2.  Are there different benefits to different strains?  ie. for sleeping and headaches or menstrual cramps.  Please break them down for us.

People really need to try different strains and see what works best for them. Terpenes really dictate the experience, although many people still use the Indica/Sativa classification which generally works. Sativa is uplifting and indica more sedating. If you are interested in understanding the terpene based approach, you will find the taste and flavours really dictate how the cannabis makes you feel. Generally strains rich with the terpene limonene tends to be stimulating, which others with terpenes like myrcene tend to be more relaxing and sedative. Many terps have their own qualities that people with experienced pallets grow to love.

     3.  Are there different benefits to different products? i.e. edibles. vs oils vs. flower?

There are different benefits across different consumption methods, many of which have to do with the onset time of each product. Edibles take between thirty mins and two hours to kick in and can last for eight hours –  not ideal if someone wants to feel the effects immediately.  Smoking or vaping the effects are almost immediate and last for a shorter amount of time.  Topicals like our Apothecanna x 48North body cream are also a great option and a unique way to consume cannabis. Topicals have no “high” associated so are great for people looking to dip their toe into the new weed world.


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