I recently listened to a podcast called The Life Coach School and the episode “Abundance Assets.”  In it, Life Coach, Brooke Castillo, suggests that the three most important assets we should be mindful of are our brain, time, and money.  Knowledge produces wealth in our lives, and as every ambitious person (i.e. you) knows, wealth is never a bad thing.  But the only way we can effectively invest in our brain is through time and a powerful way to free up our time is by investing our money wisely.

This was a total ah-ha moment for me; one that I’ve stored in my brain and put into motion every chance I’ve gotten in the past few months since I moved into my own place with one household income.  Instead of buying another coat which would likely keep me just as warm as the other eight in my closet, I’ve looked at other ways to invest my money so that I can free up time that would allow me to gain more knowledge, become more valuable in my business, and produce better content.

I am like many entrepreneurs today who are constantly strapped for time; I work odd hours, co-exist with my laptop, and work from home often.  One of the things that seem to be constant stress is the cleanliness of my home which serves as a pretty big problem when it’s also my office.  I’m not a lazy person by any means but if I have a pocket of time, I’d rather be reading, meditating, working out, eating a burger, ANYTHING but clean.

Review: Adele House Cleaning for Young Professionals

Before: The daily build-up of dust in an average Toronto condo.

With Brooke’s advice in mind, I started looking into services that would allow me to eliminate a bit of that stress and boost my productivity.  I came across Adele House Cleaning; a cleaning service that’s been around for 20 years and available in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

They’re known to hire certified, vetted and insured experts who use a unique model and technology that caters to people who have busy schedules.  Moreover, they use ECOLOGO certified products with the highest international environmental certification.  If environmentally conscious businesses make your heart sing, you can see why that sealed the deal for me.

Review: Adele House Cleaning for Young Professionals

After: Living room and floors looking immaculate after 45-60 minutes.

Adele and I connected and decided to partner with one another so that I can put their service to the test.  My honest review? 100% worth the entire price of admission. If you decide to make the same investment, here’s what you can expect:


I went onto their website and booked my appointment 24 hours in advance. I was able to enter in a block of time that best suited my schedule (unlike those internet service providers who make you wait between 12 pm and 6 pm only to come by for an hour without any warning).  A gentleman by the name of Lucas showed up with his compact eco-friendly kit. He didn’t need anything from me.


Lucas texted me before he arrived to let me know the approximate time he’d be showing up which was incredibly helpful. When he showed up, he immediately told me where he’d be cleaning and what he’d be using.  Even though I was going to be in the apartment with him, I appreciated the breakdown.  It immediately made me feel at ease to have this stranger in my home.


Lucas started in the kitchen and made his way to the other rooms as I worked on my couch.  Every now and then I’d look up and I’d see him carefully more or pick up certain things to get behind every corner and crack with his tools.  At one point he asked me if it was okay to clean under the bathroom sink to which I responded with “I’d rather you leave it.  It’s a hoarders nightmare in there.”


Some of you might not care whether or not a cleaning representative is friendly but for someone who worked in the service industry for many years, it is a quality that I look for and appreciate.  Lucas was friendly and polite from the minute I received his arrival text.  He respected my belongings, space, and time.  He was done in about an hour.


As you can see, he left my entire condo spotless. Not only did he make the bed, but wiped down every countertop, cabinet, light fixture, every corner in the bathroom, dusted, swept the floors and sprayed them down as well.  Normally by late afternoon I’d get distracted or uncomfortable, and I’d head to a coffee shop to finish the rest of my work but I felt lighter and more relaxed to be at home; a clean home! I knew that I didn’t have to carve out time later that night or the next day to tackle a mess which actually empowered me to focus on other things I wasn’t able to get to earlier that week.

Review: Adele House Cleaning for Young Professionals

Review: Adele House Cleaning for Young Professionals

Review: Adele House Cleaning for Young Professionals

Time is the most valuable asset in every one of our lives and we should use it wisely to increase our own value every chance we get. If you’d like to give Adele Houde Cleaning a try to free up some of your time, visit and use PROMO CODE: BRIGITTE30 for $30 off on your first cleaning (*only valid for first-time users).


B.Tru xx





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