How to get over a breakup

If you’ve landed on this post, chances are you’re going through a break up.

If you’ve found yourself listening to Harvest Moon three times in a row at some point this week (by choice), chances are your heart is probably in rough shape.

And if you’ve found yourself putting your life aside for far too long for the needs of someone else only to be left standing alone at the end of it all, I hope you continue reading.

Heartbreak isn’t something I’d wish upon my worst enemy but as disturbing as this will sound, it is a gift disguised in very ugly packaging. So, before you turn to some source of escapism that you might regret tomorrow or months down the line, let’s try something new.  Let’s be still. Let’s deal with it; the disruption, the roller coaster ride of emotions with no ending in sight (yet), and the uncertainty of where you’ll be or how you’ll feel tomorrow.

I went through a crushing breakup this summer that left my heart shattered in a trillion pieces, which for any self employed individual like myself, is a huge productivity crusher.  I spent a few weeks truly mourning the end of a three year relationship; not eating, listening to a breakup playlist over and over, watching every and any movie under the “Romance” category on Netflix, and truly owning the EMO life.I stewed in negative self talk and existed in a self-inflicted world of emptiness hoping that I’d just wake up feeling better the next day, but the next day always felt and looked the same, for about a month. It didn’t take long for me to realize that heartbreak doesn’t just go away; the more I’d rush it, the longer it seemed to last.

The following podcasts came by way of friends and well, to be completely honest, googling.  To be clear they didn’t help me get over my breakup overnight but they did help me cope with the reality, the pain, all of the unanswered questions, and self doubt that I knew had to go.

If you’re going through a breakup at this very moment and you’ve been looking for tools to simply cope, give the following podcasts and episodes a try:

  1. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation: If I had to choose one episode as the best tool to cope with heartbreak, I would listen to First the Pain, Then the Rising with Author and Activist, Glennon Doyle. Doyle kicks off the episode with the question, “How would our lives and our relationships and our world transform if we stopped being so afraid of pain?” For the next 27 minutes, she takes us through her own agonizing journey and how she broke through the pain in THE MOST empowering, charming and endearing speech you’ll hear today.

2. Love Life with Matthew Hussey: British Life Coach, Matthew Hussey, offers relationship insights with short but very concise episodes, usually under 10 minutes in length.  He gives it to you straight as a relationship expert, and forfeits the bullshit with episodes on how to Define Who We Are and how we can Effectively Overcome Rejection.

3. On Purpose with Jay ShettyJay Shetty is a former Buddhist monk turned motivational speaker who often times delve into human struggles with celebrity guests and notable experts.  I highly recommend his episode on Why Rejection Hurts6 Healthy Ways to Heal and Move on From Heartbreak and 7 Ways Successful People Stay Calm at Work and Manage Stress More Effectively.

4. Ghost of A Podcast by Jessica Lanyadoo: If you’re into spirituality, energy healing, astrology, and how all that plays into your personal life, Astrologist Jessica Lanyadoo, has the goods for you! Her readings offer solutions and clarity in a simple and super relatable way.  It’s hard to stop at just one episode, but if you know you only have time to listen to just one, try Emotional Clarity.  It’s fire!

5. Mark Groves Podcast: Are you ready to get slapped in the face with some hard hitting truth? Human Connection Expert, Mark Groves, will deliver.  Groves talks about common relationship struggles from both sides of the equation in a serious but comedic way that keeps you engaged all the way through. Try his episodes called Why Relationships Are Really Hard and Finding Healthy Love with the Angry Therapist.

6. This Truly Is ….: Yes, I saved my shameless plug for last! My cohost Tom Yawney and I spoke with media personality Joey Salmingo on an episode called Loss and Grief.  Joey just experienced the one year anniversary of the loss of his sister, Joanna, who died from a nut allergy at 30-years-old.  Grief and trauma aren’t things you experience when a death occurs. It happens when you lose something you have an emotional attachment to.  Joey offers the reality of what every journey can look and feel like when we lose something meaningful and valuable.


In times of pure sadness you’ll have a million thoughts going through your head.  Questions that you may never get answers for.  Closure you might never get. And that’s okay because the only thing we really need to move forward are the lessons we take with us from those experiences.  Sometimes we just need someone with lived experience and an empowering story to help carry us through.

So, be patient and be kind to yourself at this time and don’t rush the process because this will be a process.  But in time, you will feel firmly planted on the ground again. Promise.

B.Tru xx






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