Why Canadian Entrepreneurs believe in risk taking no matter what age

Risk taking is essential in today’s fast-paced, competitive, and rapidly evolving world.  With the rise of entrepreneurship and opportunities for creative endeavours, many people aren’t thinking twice about acting on their dreams. However, as quick as people are to act, many freeze up when faced with an unexpected wrench in their path to achieving success.

Hiccups and failures are common problems for the ambitious but these problems shouldn’t be the reason a journey is cut short. 

I asked six influential Canadian entrepreneurs who have encountered setbacks in their respective journey for their take on risk taking and its importance on self improvement. 

Here’s what they had to say.


Rick Campanelli – TV Personality

Entertainment Personality Rick Campanelli on the importance of risk taking

So the best piece of advice anyone ever gave me was my dad – he said “the mountain is not going to come to us…you have to go to the mountain.” Meaning, whatever you want to accomplish in life you have to go out and make it happen…don’t rely on anyone except yourself to reach your dreams in life. So, I guess those were the risks I made in life – going after what I wanted and not being discouraged by anything or anyone… I have taken that approach ever since I can remember.
 Kat Stefankiewicz – Toronto Raptors Host x Spokehaus Instructor
 Toronto Raptors Host Kat Stefankiewicz on risk taking
The uncomfortable is where the magic happens. Your purpose, potential and passion are where happiness happens. Speaking from experience, working in the entertainment industry that unfortunately holds a stereotype of a low success rate, taking those risks that made my stomach drop and heart race were the best things I ever did. When an opportunity lands in your lap, I believe in saying ‘yes’ and then figuring out the next steps afterwards because sometimes you only get one chance. Regret is never satisfying but it so magically disappears when things don’t work out and you digest it as a life lesson or guidance to where you are purposefully meant to be. I don’t believe in regret. A mindset full of trusting that you’re heading in the right direction no matter the ups and downs is so calming and motivating. Practice believing in yourself. Listen to that voice inside of you and take a leap of faith. Don’t be that 76 year old saying, “I wish I did that.” Be that 83 year old saying, “I totally did that. It was magical and I’m happy.” YOLO, my friends. Make it count.
 DADS WITH ATTITUDE – Content Creator 
 Dads With Attitude tells us why risk taking is so important in your personal pursuits
“Screw it! What do you got to lose?”
Four years ago I dreaded my job working 9-5 in a television station that I thought would be my dream job. I was so wrong. I would commute an hour and a half to work and back home everyday to live a life I didn’t want to live. I would miss dinner and seeing my kids because they would be sleeping by the time I got home. I said screw this. I literally told myself I would rather work at a retail store (which I have) close by home and cut down on some of my lifestyle in order to get to the life I wanted to live. I would constantly tell myself that everything would be ok and not to worry about the drastic change in salary. I knew I would make it work or find a way to do so. I was determined. You need to be determined on your goal.
I’m not gonna lie, you will be stressed out at times but you need to continue telling yourself “Screw it! What do I got to lose?” Seriously. Think about it. One day life can be shit and then the next day it can be even shittier.  Or one day life can be shit and the next day you laugh about it because you’re running your own business and happy to take on any shitty day. This sounds cliche but it’s as real as it gets. Life is way to short to be dreaming. Go get yours and remember that everything will pan out as long as you want it to.
Angie Di Battista – Makeup x Hair Artist x Youtuber
 Youtuber, Hair and Makeup Artist Angie Di Battista shares her thoughts on risk taking
Quite simply you owe it to yourself to be happy and to follow your dreams. As easy as this sounds, I recognize how hard this is to put into practice. Family pressure, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough – these thoughts can prevent anyone from taking a risk to chase their dreams. A huge moment for me was realizing the negative thoughts I was having about my own career choices and goals, were really just excuses. There was actually nothing standing in my way, other than myself. It’s important to have patience, continue to learn, ask for help when needed, and realize that hard work is in order to get where you want to go. The sooner you start to take tiny steps in the right direction, the sooner the things that were holding you back, will be behind you. Reflecting on my own choices (both good and bad), it has been totally worth it and will be worth it in the end for you too.
 Zane Caplansky – Chief Fresser at Caplansky’s Deli
 Zane Caplansky shares his thoughts on risk taking
I think what holds many people back is fear.  Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of change. Fear of the unknown. People might make excuses about not having enough money or time but the reality is that neither of those things are ever true. What conquers fear? Experience. The experience of failure is never as soul crushing as the fear of failure. The same is true of all fears and we all know this from our own experiences.  So my advice is this: go fail.  It’s an awesome experience.


Angela McNally – Life Coach x Wellness Expert x Meditation Teacher

Wellness Expert and Meditation Teacher, Angela McNally, on why it's important to take risks


First and foremost, you need to get clear on what dream you are going after and what it will take to get there! Clarity is truly the biggest hurdle for most people when going after their dreams. They know they want more, but it feels unclear, there are too many ideas or they can’t see past their current situation.
Secondly, it’s time to align action towards that dream NOW!
That doesn’t mean you need to quit your job or put yourself in a risky or uncomfortable position.
It’s all about slow and steady action.
So if you want to become a writer, start writing. If you want to become a blogger, get that website up and start blogging. If you want to start your own business, start that side hustle now!
The Universe loves aligned action.
Thirdly, I would say, there are no special people. The people already taking risks on themselves are not better than you or more qualified than you – they just got clear on what they wanted and got started!
We are all the same and we are here to do great things.

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