30 lessons at 30

It’s been one hell of a year!

There was a flu outbreak, Toys R Us closed down almost 200 stores which made me question why anyone would want to bring children into this cruel cruel world. Oh, and Kanye West forced me to take a Twitter break with his relentless and mildly concerning outbursts.  From one human to another human, I do hope he’s okay.  My twitter comeback is still pending though.

But this isn’t why I’m here!

I’m here because I’ve learned some big lessons at 30, and as I head into the next year with these lessons in my back pocket and adult bangs that have given me a hint of natural botox, I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned at 30 that’ll hopefully serve as nuggets of insights as we all head into the next year.

30 Takeaways at 30

Here are 30 takeaways at 30:

  1. Don’t take on other people’s problems
  2. Finances should always be a priority
  3. Be open to making new friends
  4. Care but not too much
  5. Boundaries are so freaking important and they’re meant to be set
  6. Never chase validation, especially on social media
  7. Bangs are a natural source of botox (I already mentioned this earlier but my god, are they ever!)
  8. JOMO is a term everyone should adopt
  9. Don’t rely on anyone else to figure out your problems
  10. Hangovers are real and they don’t care that you have plans
  11. Eating ice cream and pizza all the time DOES catch up to you
  12. The legalization of medical marijuana is underwhelming
  13. Grownups are way more dramatic than children
  14. The word NO is a spa treatment for your mental health
  15. Trends come and go and I will never look good in 90s sunglasses which by the way do not block the sun from your eyes because you’re forced to wear them on the tip of your nose like it’s normal
  16. Never buy a new dress for a wedding because no one will notice
  17. You’ll still get pimples at 31
  18. Find someone who makes you laugh at your pimples and never let them go
  19. If binge watching a show makes you happier than going out, binge watch that show
  20. Living in the now is important but planning for your future is necessary
  21. You do not want yes people in your life – usually called “yes men” but we’re living in a very inclusive time and I’m all for it
  22. If you’re not moving forward, you’re not moving
  23. Having a LinkedIn account is NOT that important
  24. If your gut tells you something ain’t right, you have no one else to blame but yourself when you have to face the music later
  25. Girl crushes are real and mucho healthy
  26. Maintain all relationships that add value to your life
  27. A deal is not a deal if you don’t need it
  28. Stick to your vision or else no one will else
  29. Don’t get into business with someone or something you’re not 150% passionate about
  30. Nice people DON’T finish last


B. Tru xx







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