Ever feel like you shouldn’t be doing what you’re currently doing?  It’s pretty common.

You may have invested a ton of time and a boat load of energy into something but if you’re heart is just not in it, you’re not as committed as you think you are and if you’re not committed then what’s the point?

Key questions I’ve asked myself when I’ve encountered this problem is, “Can I see myself doing this for another year?”  “Am I doing this with purpose?” and “Am I the best fit for the team (vice versa)?”

Leaving something you’ve invested time into ain’t easy.  When you make a decision to join something be it a job or relationship, there’s always a chance you’ll let someone down in the process and that’s never a good feeling.  You just have to trust that a strategic move will eventually benefit you and those you’ve left behind in the long run and open doors that weren’t in plain sight before.

If you’re currently feeling stuck in your professional life and you’re unsure of what to do, here are five telltale signs that you should probably move on:

1)  You wake up dreading work

The thought of “fuck” when the alarm goes off is never a good sign especially when it happens on the daily.  Listen, if you’re going to spend 40 hours a week or more doing something, your first thought should be something less dreadful.  The average life expectancy in Canada is reportedly 82 years! I don’t know how old you are now but if you’re no where near 82, can you imagine all the worthwhile things you can be doing if you started fresh and woke up with a different mentality for the next 50+ years?

2)  Increased anxiety

Mental stress is nothing but a negative burden – a total party crasher if you ask me.  If you’re constantly feeling anxious about what you’re doing not because you’re excited for the end result but because you don’t feel aligned, then your needs just aren’t met.

3) You’re not giving it 100%

Cut the bullshit.  If you’re not into something, you’re not giving it your all.  This applies to relationships, jobs, school, everything! When we’re genuinely passionate about achieving a goal, we’ll do whatever it takes to get there and that usually involves putting in all the effort for the best outcome.  If we’re not putting in the effort then the outcome will likely be blander (is that a word?) than a $20 piece of avocado toast at your local brunch hangout.  Save your money and more importantly, save your time and put it towards something that excites you.

4)  You’re not growing

Have you hit that ceiling already?  I don’t mean mentally but if you’ve really done your research and objectively looked at all the elements in your job and can’t see yourself doing more to become more, then perhaps you’ve hit your stride a long time ago and you’re not being challenged.  If you’re not being challenged then you’re not creating opportunities for yourself.

5)  You’re not happy

Bottom line, if you’re not happy you shouldn’t stay.  When I’m not happy with work, I ask myself “What do you think needs to change?”  If it’s a simple fix, then great!  If the answer has to do with things that are out of your control then the only thing you can control is your next move.  So, let’s start planning that move.

There are signs all around us.  Sometimes we blatantly see them and other times we choose not to.  If your circumstances allow you to open your eyes a little more and take action a little more often, then you’re in a great spot.  We’re taking a risk by staying in a position we’re unhappy with so why not take a risk by trying something new?


B. Tru xx


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