Five days ago I threw a wrench in my beauty routine and  I stopped using conditioner.

I wasn’t mad at my hair or anything.  I did it in the name of hair love! My hair has become a big part of my identity and I make it a priority to feed it the superfood it needs so that I can keep it for as long as I can.  That superfood has been Pantene’s Radiant Colour Shine Conditioner. It’s been my P.I.C. for as long as I can remember, which is why I nearly fainted when Pantene reached out to me for a partnership and invited me to join them in a conditioner deprivation test.

You see earlier this year, P&G did a study and found that 55% of Canadian households don’t buy conditioner.  55%!!! Can you believe it? It was hard for me to wrap my head around this number, it still is, as someone who uses it almost everyday.  I wanted to understand why 55% of those households would leave conditioner off their shopping list so I said yes to the deprivation test and a dream partnership with a brand I trust and whose values I resonate with.

But understanding why anyone would say no to conditioner, I did not. Understanding more so why conditioner is an absolute necessity in hair care, definitely!   In my latest vlog, you’ll see how my hair went from full, soft, and shiny to flat, DRY, and uninspiring in a matter of days. I was really surprised by the results I saw and felt in such a short period of time but I think it goes to show how much Pantene conditioners actually help with protecting every type of hair.

Check out my journey in the video posted above.

Stay shiny, friends! xx

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