I’m about to celebrate my one year anniversary as the Cineplex VIP Pre Show Host! What?! Crazy!

Before we get into some real talk though, here’s a little back story on how a first generation Chinese-Canadian gal from Mississauga made her way into theatres across Canada. (NUTS!)

You see, I had always wanted to be a part of the Cineplex fam.  I kept up with their Pre Show Host competitions throughout the years which were fan voted.  That being said, I never entered them.  For some reason I knew a competition wasn’t my ticket to the VIP lounge.  I kept visualizing, though.  I visualized myself on the big screen, shooting segments with food in my mouth (dreams), and playing with the best in the Canadian entertainment biz.  For those visualization naysayers out there, I’m here to tell you that it always works!  I don’t know what the stats are but believe me when I say, thoughts can truly become things if you want them to.

I found a posting early 2017 for a casting call.  The Cineplex team were looking for someone who’d represent their VIP brand, and with one day to go before their deadline, I sent over my demo reel and found myself with an audition slot.  Long story short, it all came together!

I’ve learned a ton in the past year as a full-time freelancer working with Cineplex and other successful brands, and I believe that every lesson I’ve picked up along the way is applicable to every day life.  Here’s what I’ve learned and I hope that you can apply these nuggets of insight to your life when you set out to own your day your ultimate way.


Collaboration makes the world go ’round and partnering up with the best will surely bring out the best in you. I mean, think of the alternative.  Teaming up with the next person at the coffee shop because they have an open schedule too?  There might be a reason why they’re always available …  Now, when I say “the best” I’m not necessarily referring to the people who make the most money or have the most to show for their success.  I’m talking about the people who have the values, work ethic, drive, attitude, and self assurance that compliment yours.  When you align yourself with those who want to do their best and add the most value in whatever they’re doing, you’ve found yourself a P.I.C.


I used to be so nervous to ask questions because I thought asking questions meant that I was clueless and who wants to work with an idiot, right? W-R-O-N-G.  Just because you’ve been around the block, it doesn’t mean that you’re the smartest cat in the room.  Clarity is key when you want results and if the results you’re looking for means something to you, then speak up!  Questions can lead to conversations and conversations can lead to ideas which can lead to solutions.  If you don’t know, you don’t know.  Pretending like you do could lead to ridiculous problems which could’ve been prevented with a simple ask.  PLUS, being inquisitive shows how much you care.


Remember when your favourite teacher encouraged you to participate in a group chat and you just let everyone else do the talking while you took notes?  They were on to something.  Hey, taking notes is valuable, but it’s super important to to be a part of the conversation if you want to feel like you’ve contributed to the progresses made in your life.  Seriously!  Progress builds confidence and you’ve got nothing if you don’t think your voice matters. Some times we hold back in expressing our thoughts, opinions, and ourselves in fear of judgement, which is a total shame because when we do that we’re just sabotaging our fierceness.


Dress for the job you want, not the one you have and dread waking up to every day.  I’m sure you’ve heard this uttered by a life coach before or seen it in a caption under a VSCO Instagram post, but when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you won’t just own the sidewalk you’re strutting on everyday but you’ll want to own your life.

5.   BE KIND

At the Mexico City International Airport last year, a wise man from New Jersey told me “Humans are mirrors.  You treat them well, and more often than not, they’ll treat you well.”  I wish I remembered his name! Kindness will never bite you in the ass.  It’s that simple.  If you’re interested in freelancing, already are, or you’re looking to brand yourself in any way, you have to keep relationships at the top of mind.  Maintaining relationships and building trust will serve you well and the ROI in giving others respect will reward you in various ways.




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