An Honest Review: Endy

It’s been 100 nights in my Canadian-made Endy mattress. The reviews are in, friends.

We’re not mad.  In fact, we’re very much into it and it ain’t getting returned.

We’re into the quick and painless delivery service.  We’re into the unpacking experience where the mattress literally expands when taken out of its box like a cake!  And most importantly, we’re into the super supportive memory foam surface that has done wonders for my back since we got it.

Endy has this incredibly generous 100-night return policy. If you don’t absolutely love your Endy within the first 100 nights, Endy will come pick it up for free and provide a full refund, no questions asked.  When I reached out to Endy to partner up and provide an honest review on my blog, they said yes knowing that a return and unfavourable feedback was possible.  Well, that’s not an option after three months of absolutely loving it!

Before my Endy showed up, my boyfriend and I were sleeping on a spring mattress who’s brand I shall not name.  I woke up more often than not with knots around my neck.  I tried stretching throughout the day and swapping out old pillows for firmer ones just to see if it’d make a difference.  $120 bucks of new pillows later? Nadda.  I’ve been sleeping on the the bamboo charcoal memory foam Endy pillows since February now.  They’re plush and I actually feel supported at night.

It’s funny, I used to go days without a full night’s rest and it didn’t matter.  I was what my friends used to call, a “serial hustler” – a 20-something year old who’d sacrifice their social life, work multiple jobs at once just to get their foot in the door.  Fun fact down memory lane, when I was 22 I found myself working four jobs every week while maintaining a volunteer placement.  It sucked!  I was desperate for a job in television broadcasting back then and needless to say my efforts in securing one stressed me out beyond belief.  That being said, I was still able to operate on 5 hours of sleep!  If I tried that today, I’d be in shambles!

An Honest Review: Endy

I’ve realized the importance of good sleep and the difference a solid mattress can make (memory foam or spring, depending on your preference) in our productivity.   For me, good sleep happens when I have a supportive mattress to rest on every night and it has to be memory foam, which provides more stability with a firm foundation.


Since I received my mattress and made my first post on social media, I have received a flood of messages asking for my review. Well, after 100 sleeps on the Canadian-made mattress, I can confidently say that the hype is real.  Buying a mattress that comes in a box is not only more efficient, it’s smarter.  The quality is not compromised, in fact it’s the best I’ve ever had.

And this is my honest, Tru review. 🙂

For those interested in giving Endy a try, use promo code: BRIGITTE50 for $50 off any size Endy Mattress!  For more information, visit











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