I’ve been really blessed this year with a ton of amazing opportunities including holiday partnerships that allowed me to pay it forward in really exciting and different ways.  One of those partnerships came by way of Sport Chek and its Holiday Gift Guide!

The guide is divided into several different categories from Stocking Stuffer ideas to Gifts Under $100, Tech Gifts and Running Gifts.  When the #ChekSquad approached me to do a video about a #MyBetter story with the help of the guide I thought, well I could make a video about all the incredible gear I could put to use in achieving my fitness goals.  But after looking deeper into the guide, I realized just how comprehensive it is! Why not sit down with someone and go through it together? Better yet, why not find an unsung hero in the community and help them achieve their #MyBetter story!

I took to Instagram for help from some eager friends and we found Family Settlement Worker, Ingrid Morena, who has been helping new families in Canada with similar problems she experienced as a new immigrant 30 years ago.  Ingrid has also been living with Lupus for the past 20 years, and her optimism and vivacious personality along with her generosity, made her our unsung hero!

It was such a thrill to surprise her with the help of her colleague, Erika Garcia!  Thank you to everyone who participated in this special giveaway and thank you to Sport Chek and the #ChekSquad for making this possible!


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