In a time when we are inundated with ads and pitches EVERYWHERE we look, it is super refreshing to meet a self starter behind a brand who backs up her talk with an original and sincere badass walk.

Meet Gloria Chik.

Gloria has been a trusted digital marketer and social media strategist in many industries since 2008 from financial services to the spirits industry, music and technology.  She’s helped some of the biggest commercial brands across North America reach and engage millennial audiences through digital campaigns like PayPal, McDonalds, MasterCard, SCION, Old Navy and Ciroc, juuuuust to name a few.  With a solid momentum in her career that many young professionals strive for, she decided to quit for a career that would put her in the driver’s seat.

Gloria recently launched the Travel Lifestyle store, ROGUE STORIES, to support “People Daring to Do.”  Last month, she pitched her latest product, The Flight Pack, to self-made multi-millionaire Arlene Dickinson during Telus Pitch Week. This Schulich School of Business graduate shares more about her first business, love of travel and MORE as the November #Truboss!


BT:  Your venture into entrepreneurship was nothing short of bold and courageous. Having found success in marketing and working for some of the biggest brands out there, some people would consider you a bit cray for leaving all of that behind! What was the biggest catalyst for your career change?

GC:  Why thank you, thank you! I would say my biggest catalyst for my career change was just through observing incredible entrepreneurs around me. I was consistently just wonderstruck with how these people would wake up and take on each day with a sense of problem solving and adventure. I wanted to feel that. My dream is to help people see the world. If there’s a little part of me that is able to do that through inspiring others or creating and showcasing products that help with that process…then my life feels so much more wholehearted.

BT:  What went into conceptualizing your own business, finding a name that would stick, and creating a brand vision that would resonate with people?

GC:  I always think that these things can’t be forced – it’s not a coincidence when business ideas somehow find you. ROGUE STORIES to me means daring to do – deciding to do something different in your day to day life that challenges you to grow. I think everyone has a sliding scale of how they go ROGUE, whether it’s deciding to learn a new skill or traveling somewhere new. We all have that little voice in us that pushes us.

BT:  You got back from an epic adventure in Asia and Palm Springs not too long ago! How many destinations has ROGUE STORIES taken you so far?

GC:  MY. WORD. Many. The luxury of time and the ability to travel is not lost on me – my dad always says that I may have seen more of the world than many would have seen in a lifetime. It’s a gift and I’m eternally grateful to have the health and ability to do this. This year (2017) I’ve taken about 30+ flights…and who knows where the rest of the year will take me.

Gloria Chik

BT:  Which is your favourite and why?

GC:  My favourite city in the world is probably still New York. I used to live there for two years, and there’s something about the neverending lights, energy, and the ability for anything to happen at any time makes me feel most like myself. I’m based out Toronto most days, but the city that never (and I mean, never) sleeps is such a simple hop-skip-jump away.

BT:  The Flight Pack launched this year and I want to congratulate you on all the success so far. For those who don’t know about yet, tell us about it.

GC:  So many thanks! The Flight Pack was manifested out of the idea that the business leisure (bleisure) traveler is a style of traveler that is growing. We like thoughtful, minimal products that will enable our carry-on-only packing styles. It was my personal challenge to learn how to design, pre-sell, and source a physical good – I’ve always been in the digital services space. I want to enable people to remove the stress from packing, and to pack only the essentials with less stress.

The Flight Pack (Photo Credit: Gloria Chik, Facebook)

BT:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received to date? (doesn’t have to be business related)

GC:  Trust your struggle. Good times and bad times roll in when you least expect them, knowing how to weather the storm and build your armour is so important. It’s relevant for every aspect of my life, and I’ve never forgotten those three meaningful words.

BT:  Which #Truboss out there do you admire and why?

GC:  I admire Joanna Duong from – her methodical way of building a business from a creative idea has always been something I hope to nurture in myself. She’s such a self aware, sharp, and kind person who isn’t afraid to deliver honest feedback. Joanna’s been there for so many turns in my life, and I’m so grateful to have a #Truboss like her in my life.

Thank you for sharing your vision and heart with us, Gloria! To all the readers, you can learn more about Gloria and ROGUE STORIES on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! xo


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