Sport Chek Embraces LifexStyle with Tanisha Scott

Choreographer Tanisha Scott takes the floor at Sport Chek's latest event promoting their Lifexstyle Collection!

What makes your heart race?

Nothing gets mine racing more than a solid run in the city or a surprise wardrobe sale on a Sunday afternoon!  Anyyyways … I digress.

Sport Chek is asking customers across Canada this very question. Whatever the answer may be, the popular athletic retailer hopes to assist in those activities with its new LifexStyle Collection.

On October 18th, I joined several names in fitness and media to check out the collection at a private Freestyle x Fuel event hosted by the UH-MAZING Tanisha Scott who has become the go to choreographer for Rihanna, Beyonce and Drake, and now, the collection’s official spokesperson.

The Toronto native taught us an exclusive dance class with all the whipping and all the nae nae-ing, getting our heart rates up, and our spirits high, while representing the collection she genuinely believes in.

“Lifestyle is boundless, endless.  It’s mixing sport into lifestyle. Whatever you wear to the gym you can wear on the street and even the club.  You can sweat and look cute at the same time. There are no rules anymore.  Sport and lifestyle has been meshed together and that’s what it’s all about!”

In a way this was a home-coming for Tanisha, who’s first job was at Sport Chek selling shoes and skis on the sales floor.  It was a job she said she was “great at!”

“What I love about Sport Check and the brand is that they recognize that sport is lifestyle, that sport and dance is synonymous just like art and music is synonymous! I literally wear every brand from Nike to Adidas, Alo Moto, whatever it is.  The mix and match is so fly to me and being able to do this and represent all different styles like I do in my choreography makes sense,” said Tanisha.

But what’s her go to piece in the collection? Her Nike Swoosh Train Pro Cap retailing at $38.00.

Tanisha Scott with Sport Chek's LifeStyle Collection

Sport Chek was super generous and gave all of us who attended a full outfit from the collection.   I decided to go OG route by choosing the Adidas Originals 3 Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt ($49.99) and Nike Rally Pant ($74.00)!  See clothing choices, plus enthusiastic pose and obnoxiously high ankle socks below.

Michelle Jobin and I try to follow in Tanisha Scott's footstep in Sport Chek's latest LifexStyle Collection.

The LifexStyle collection is currently available in all Sport Chek locations across Canada.

Do what moves you, friends, and don’t forget to have some fun today. xx


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