He’s a two time Emmy Award Winning creative and content marketing executive, globally recognized producer, and a keynote speaker at the biggest festivals and conferences on the planet.

And that’s not all.

In 2015, he took creative control over Marriott Content Studio, turning Marriott International into a media giant, cementing the brand as the world’s biggest digital platform for travel content, and revolutionizing the way in which people engage and connect with brands.  Since its inception, the studio has created its own original series, TV shows, and short films like French Kiss (my fave) and the Two Bellmen franchise which has garnered over 20 million views combined!

What David Beebe has accomplished in his 15 years in the entertainment and media industry is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Less than one month ago, he announced his departure from Marriott to embark on a new creative chapter.  I caught up with David to find out what he’s up to now and to pick his brilliant mind about how this Arlington native became the always evolving, no-bullshit, creative #Truboss he is today.

BT:  Now that you’re no longer steering the content ship at Marriott, are you sleeping in more?

DB:  Absolutely not. I’ve been working since I was 14. My first job was changing irrigation pipes on our family and friends alfalfa and wheat farms, which meant waking up at 4 am, before school and work for two hours on the farm. After that, I served in the US Military, as a Communications Specialist in the US Coast Guard, which required waking up very early. The odd part is that i’m a natural night owl, and am usually up late, but naturally awake at 6 am. It’s hard for me to sleep in, even when I’m tired. I do tend to sleep in when travelling though, and I can close the black out curtains and put on the do not disturb sign. That’s the best!

BT:  Some people may be wondering why you decided to leave Marriott after three successful years. Why is this the right time for you to leave your legacy behind?

DB:  I had the very fortunate, and really, once in a lifetime opportunity at Marriott, to have the freedom and runway to change the marketing direction of the company and it’s portfolio of 30 brands. It’s rare you get that freedom, and in three years, my team and I launched industry first brand content studios, real time brand newsrooms, and digital publications. My first move was to ensure that I hired that right people to lead a global team of creatives and strategists. Once launched, up and running, I felt it was time to move on and work with other brands to do the same and return to my producer and storytelling roots. My passion is education, sharing my experiences, and inspiring marketers, producers, and brands to understand the power of storytelling in marketing communications and I’m excited to do just that.

BT: You have obviously made a lot of courageous moves in your career. What drives your decision making?

DB:  Every life decision I’ve made, both professionally and personally, have been based on part instincts, intuition, and gut feelings. Not every decision has been right, and I didn’t plan my career. I just took chances when I felt it was right and so far it’s worked for me. It doesn’t mean that my strategy is the right way or works for everyone. I’m a strategic risk taker, I like breaking new ground and bending the rules to achieve goals.

BT:  You’re an Emmy Award winning producer, you were just named Ad Age’s 2017 40 Under 40, and you have achieved countless other accolades throughout the years, but like the old saying goes, no one meets success without failure.  Can you recall a failure in your career that has brought you to where you are today?

DB:  I’ve had so many, we could write a book. I think the three things I’ve learned include:

  1. Listen more.
  2. Understand others perspecitves and appreciate differences.
  3. Read more. Never stop learning. We all have experiences to learn from regardless if you’ve just started your career or you’re at the top of it.  

BT:  There isn’t a secret sauce to success but successful individuals tend to have habits that stand out from others. What habits would you say contribute to your success?

DB:  We all have our own journeys. That’s the most important thing to understand. Here are my tips:

  1. Focus on yourself, stop worrying about what others doing. Do you.
  2. Provide value to others first, before you promote yourself. Learn how you can help others.
  3. Spend your time with likeminded people. Have fun, but work hard.

BT:  What are you working on next?

DB:  Right now, I’m developing and producing content marketing projects with other brands. Also consulting on how to setup content studios and real time marketing brand newsrooms, plus hitting the speaking tour. As I mentioned, I love sharing insights and inspiring others.


BT:  Alright, rapid fire questions.  You ready?  

What’s your favourite vacation spot?


What’s your favourite book?

Ogilvy on Advertising

Go to publication for the latest headlines?

Twitter – for news

Favourite social media platform?


Favourite eats?


Least favourite kind of eats, that if it were to be erased from the universe, you’d hardly miss it?

Super Spicy

Current go-to song on your playlist?

Too many to list. Anything 80s/90s

Can’t live without?

My digital devices.

A collaboration you’d like to see happen.

A big brand to partner with an unexpected, underground and unorthodox talent to make a positive difference in the world. Too many brands are safe and do expected deals. There’s too much of the same thing happening in advertising today. Be different and stand out for once.

BT:  Who is your favourite #Truboss and why?  

DB:  You. Since you had the inspiration to start this. Seriously.

BT:  And finally, what piece of advice can you offer aspiring content creators?

DB:  Do you. Stop depending on others to create your dreams. The traditional middle men have been cut out, or are in the process of being cut out in today’s media world. You can go direct from talent to consumer today. Believe in you stop, following the rules — they’re meant to be broken after all. That’s the only way you’ll make a difference.



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