With summer around the corner, I thought I’d get ready for the hot hot heat a little early by mixing up something fruity and refreshing and putting a spin on an old faithful cocktail!

Meet the Mandarin Sunrise; the new counterpart to the Tequila Sunrise with flavourful alternative ingredients! Instead of Tequila try using Mezcal for a smoky agave flavour, swap out orange juice for the refreshing taste of Jarritos Mandarin, and finally in lieu of sugary grenadine why not a natural ingredient like muddled strawberries?

The best part? This delicious bevy takes seconds to make! Bring on the dinner parties!

This recipe is inspired by Toronto’s Kanpai Snack Bar’s monthly La Brea Food pop ups which is happening now throughout the summer. Their exclusive MexicAsian menu is paired with signature Jarritos cocktails, and when I had a chance to try out the features, my taste buds were set on fire.

In the meantime, I hope this cocktail does the same for you!


3 Strawberries
2 Ounces of Mezcal
4 Ounces of Jarritos Mandarin


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