28 Mistakes and a Regret Ain't One!

Tonight between the hours of 9:00 and 10:00pm I will turn 29.  Even though my skin is losing a bit of its elasticity, my metabolism has slowed down, and my body no longer accepts two glasses of wine as simply fermented grape juice but complete and total poison with a recovery time of 24 hours, I am incredibly excited to enter the last year of my 20s with optimism and enthusiasm!

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with birthdays.  They’re a reason to celebrate life but they can also be a bleak reminder that life is passing us by (way too fast).  If you view birthdays as the latter, can I make a suggestion? Open up a notebook, grab a pen, and write down some of the mistakes you made in the past year.  Why?  Like mom always said, you learn from your mistakes, and let’s face it mistakes happen.  Put those mistakes in your back pocket as you head into a new year and let them motivate you to DO better and BE better.

In the past year, I made A LOT of mistakes, most of which make me cringe and sweat (but just a little) at the thought, but it’s important that I remember them and recognize each lesson that follows.

In no particular order, here are 28 mistakes I made at 28 years old.  Maybe you can relate? Maybe?

  1. Going to a three-day music festival (Wayhome) and sleeping in a tent without an air mattress.

Lesson:  Tents do not suffice on grass.

2.  Smoking my first cigarette.

Lesson:  Nothing good comes from a cigarette.

3.  Working a 9-5 contract.

Lesson:  They’re not for everyone and neither is fluorescent lighting.

4.  Blurring the lines between friendship and attraction.

Lesson:  Don’t ruin a good thing.

5.  Ubering everywhere because it’s “the convenient and affordable thing to do.”

Lesson: Not a good excuse.  I spent nearly $1000 on Uber rides last year.  You know what you can buy with $1000? A ticket to a tropical destination or 10 tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld.

The aftermath

The aftermath

6.  Getting too excited in Amsterdam, falling down a flight of stairs, subsequently smashing my phone     and spraining my ankle.

Lesson: Know your limit play within it.

7.  Going on first dates for the sake of dating.

Lesson:  Their time is just as precious as yours. Don’t waste someone’s time including your own, especially if you’re not wholeheartedly ready to date or genuinely interested in getting to know someone.

8.  Carrying one too many bags, dropping a bottle of sesame oil, and slicing my toe open in an empty parking garage.

Lesson:  Know how much you can carry.  Don’t be fucking lazy.


9.  Neglecting the dryer for over six months and letting the lint build up.

Lesson:  Your clothes will take twice as long to dry and fire hazards aren’t smart.

10.  Putting physical activity on the back burner because of a busy work schedule.

Lesson:  Being out of shape is worse than mustering up the energy to work out.

11.  Forgetting about dethawed meat in the fridge one too many times.

Lesson:  Am I alone in this?  Wasting food is just a bad as smoking a cigarette.

12.  Parking in Toronto without carefully reading each sign within a 1km radius.

Lesson:  Toronto parking authorities are ruthless and $60 tickets can add up, especially when you rack up five in one year.

13.  Meeting George, a Hurricane Katrina survivor, forming a one-week friendship and leaving without exchanging contact information.

Lesson:  People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When we have several means to stay connected, make sure to stay connected!  George came into my life for a reason and taught me so much about optimism, courage, and human strength. I think about you all the time, George, and hope you are doing well!

14.  I never made sleep a priority.

Lesson:  Productivity is impossible when you’re tired all the time.

15.  Saying YES to every opportunity.

Lesson:  Although an open mind and open heart leads you to new and often times incredible opportunities, it can also make you lose sight of the importance of down time.  Spreading yourself thin can be counterproductive.

16.  Relying only on a rear view camera in a parking garage and backing up into a pole.

Lesson:  Technology doesn’t have your back.  You do.

17.  Putting more emphasis on experiences rather than finances.

Lesson:  Nothing feeds your soul quite like good people and good experiences but feeding your pocket is just as important.

18.  Washing my face with lemon and breaking out like an 8th grader before an audition.

Lesson:  Don’t believe everything you read on the internet and always start with a spot test.

19.  Only visiting my grandmother once every few months.

Lesson:  You can always make time for those who have contributed to your life. Literally.

20.  Having one too many carby parties.

Lesson:  Weight gain and decreased energy levels are the root of many problems.

21.  Moving in with a boyfriend after dating for one month.

Lesson:  If you feel the pressure to share a living space together after one month of knowing them, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be pressured into a lot more after that.  Don’t give up your independence. Ever.

22.  Not making time to visit my cousin’s newborn babies.

Lesson:  Family is NUMBER ONE! There is never an excuse as to why you shouldn’t make time for family, especially children who you can help nourish and guide.

23.  Going shoeless wayyyyy too often.

Lesson: Going shoeless allows you to be closer to mother earth but it can also ruin the heck out of your feet!  Pedicures are expensive.

24.  Ubering to Evergreen Brickworks when the Summerdaze event was actually at Sunnyside Pavillon and paying a total of $90 in fares.

Lesson: Always double check what you’re doing and where you’re going before heading out the door.

25.  Eating a chunk of wasabi thinking it was avocado.

Lesson:  Never eat in a hurry.

26.  Having a chance encounter with a girl from New Jersey who was down on her luck and not inviting her out.

Lesson:  Don’t be afraid to reach out to strangers. This girl had just left an abusive relationship and was in Toronto visiting her aunt who was ill at the time.  She shared her story of courage and vulnerability as we walked up Queen Street together and as we parted ways I had an urge to invite her out for a drink but didn’t because I didn’t want to impose.  I shouldn’t have assumed! She could’ve used a night out. I hope she is living a life of love and light wherever she may be!

27.  Dating someone that lives in the same condo.

Lesson:   The world is a small place but condos are smaller.

28.  Being inconsistent with posts.

Lesson:  There are so many people out there who have made a HUGE impact on my life.  My goal is to do the same and I can not do that if I am not consistently putting out content that matters to me and can hopefully impart positivity and wisdom on others. Big things are ahead this year and I hope to provide value by sharing a lot more in the coming months!

Love always,

B. Tru xx


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