The 40th anniversary of the Toronto International Film Festival kicks off tonight and I can not be more excited for all the TIFFING!

Yes.  TIFFING has become a verb.  And what does it entail?

1)  An unusual amount of time spent in font of a screen (big or small) watching some of the best films from around the world.

2)  Celeb-gazing or interviewing

3)  Rocking new standout threads at TIFF events and parties

The third point leads me to the latest episode of Bridging the Gap ft FIVEOSEVEN CLOTHINGa trendy men and women retail store in Toronto and Vaughan Mills.  I’m insanely lucky to call them one of two of my clothing sponsors for this year’s festival duties, and truthfully I can not be giddier than a 15-year-old girl before her first date because I absolutely love their collections!  Check out my experience with Marketing Manager, Raf, and Associate, Varsha, who were able to set me up for success!





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