Almost four years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing a “fly boy” by the name of Blake Fleischacker on a local daytime television show.  He had the quiet confidence of a young Mark Zuckerberg, a sense of humour like Vince Vaughan circa the early 2000’s, and he also stood out as a trail-blazing millennial who was dedicated to fostering positive relationships between kids on the school playground and online.  #BADASS

I knew I had to become a part of his warm circle to up my cred. If not real-life friends, I’d settle for Facebook buddy status.  But lucky for me, he was totally on board with a real life friendship.

I was BEYOND thrilled when Blake agreed to share his story as a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and all around badass.  I truly hope that his story of purpose, passion, and authenticity inspires at least one of you to live life by your own design!

To learn more about the man behind Small World, Acoustic Opera and Toronto’s HI5Run, check out the very first episode of Bridging the Gap!


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