Monday is widely regarded as the brussels sprout of weekdays.

And understandably so if you feel stuck in the rat race like many who are forced to wake up at an ungodly hour to make the long commute to work only to sit behind a desk for the first part of your day responding to the countless of unanswered emails that came in over the weekend.

But what if we were to shift our paradigms and look at Mondays differently? After all, we have the ability to give words the power they deserve right?

And that’s exactly what I’ve tried to do this year by turning Mondays into the new Fridays by going out on what I call, “Monday Adventures,” to usher in each new week. It’s a fresh start – why not embrace the shit out of it!

This week I visited Balm Beach in Tiny Township, which is approximately two hours north of Toronto.  My expectations weren’t high, simply because the beaches in and around the city have proven themselves to be well, certainly not blog worthy.

But I was beyond relieved when I arrived in the Tiny Township with a population of a little over 11,000. I was greeted by the clear blue water of Georgian Bay, as well as the beautiful and clean sandy beaches.

After spending the entire afternoon reading and meditating on the beach, my best friend and I decided to grab lunch at the Georgian Grill & Family Arcade for some good old fashioned home made burgers. But we weren’t quuuuite ready to say goodbye to the beach.

Just before the sun was expected to set at 9:09 PM ET, we brought a couple blankets and parked our butts in front of the sun, giving ourselves front row seats to the most beautiful sunset I ever did see.


This is what I call “the case of the Mondays.”








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